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Sound® is committed to providing continuing education in veterinary ultrasound hardware and software. The materials presented in this site are designed to supplement the Sound Seminar Series education courses.


When should you perform an ultrasound in a dog or cat? Examples of these cases include the presence of a heart murmur, elevated liver enzymes or ascites. See the indications section for more indications for cardiac and abdominal ultrasound in small animal practice.


Can’t find the knob you need to adjust your image? Go to the Basics section to view a presentation on GE knobology. Go to this section to also find a current list of ultrasound in the veterinary literature.


For successful scanning, a consistent, methodical protocol should be followed. The protocols section provides detailed abdominal ultrasound protocols in PDF format, as well as in interactive PowerPoint format. An interactive PowerPoint describing ultrasound-guided biopsy technique is also presented.

Case Studies

Ultrasound help to diagnose diarrhea or anorexia in a cat. See the case studies section for real case studies that use ultrasound as part of the diagnostic workup.


So you have your new ultrasound machine and now are ready to learn how to best use it? The install info section will provide information important to know before the day of on-site training takes place in your clinic. Knobology information for different GE equipment is also provided on the equipment info page.