Sound SMART DR™ Breaks Speed Record

Utilizing revolutionary panel technology from Varex Imaging, formerly Varian Medical Systems, combined with AFGA MUSICA intelligent image processing,Sound SMART DR™ incorporates the wisdom gained from thousands of systems, tens of thousands of users, and millions of exams.

Regarding the palpable success of Sound SMART DR™, Tom Jacobi, President, explains, “We are proud to deliver innovative and cutting-edge diagnostic imaging solutions with unique capabilities and an exclusive AGFA partnership that simplifies the way our customers’ practices operate. The consistent image quality and ease of use help practitioners diagnose faster than ever before. Sound SMART DR™ truly is radiography evolved.”

“I had the pleasure of reviewing images from a Sound SMART DR™ system recently, utilizing several animals of variable size, including overweight, large breed dogs. I was very impressed with how MUSICA provides consistently high image quality across various species, views, and users,” says Ben Fagan, DVM, ACVR.

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