X Ray Scanner

X Ray Scanner for Veterinary Radiographs

Vidar Sierra Advantage

The Vidar Sierra Advantage is an exciting innovation for vet radiology! This state of the art system allows practices to easily capture high quality DICOM and/or jpg images of their film radiographs and automatically save them to their network.


  • Save referral films to your PACS
  • Convert veterinary Radiographs to High-Res DICOM and/or jpg digital images
  • Import images to practice management software
  • Send images to Telemedicine services, OFA, and PennHIP via DICOM
  • Share images with clients or specialists
  • Enhancement tools (bright/contrast, labels, ink, text, symbols, measurement tools, dual view, and more)
  • Burn CDs of radiographs, ultrasound images and/or video clips for clients to take home
  • Digitize documents, such as lab work and ECG
Vidar Sierra Advantage
Vidar Sierra Advantage Sell Sheet
File size: approx. 61KB, 2 pages


Compact and Affordable for a Variety of Healthcare Settings

The award-winning SIERRA Advantage film digitizer, developed by VIDAR Systems Corporation, represents a significant advance in film digitizer technology and overcomes some of the most common barriers to digitizer use — quality, cost, and size. The ACR-compliant SIERRA Advantage is a cost-effective digitizer for integration of outlying clinics and low- volume digitizing. The SIERRA Advantage digitizer continues to be small enough to be easily wall-mounted, solving siting problems commonly found at hospitals and radiology offices. It features easy USB connectivity, an LED lighting system, and is available with a single or 10-sheet film feeder. With VIDAR’s next-generation proprietary High Definition CCD (HD-CCD®) technology, and its unique ADC (Automatic Digitizer Calibration) feature there is virtually no variation in image quality and an excellent grayscale reproduction in every image is ensured. The RoHS compliant SIERRA Advantage meets the needs of healthcare professionals for a high quality, affordable, compact film digitizer capable of being integrated into a variety of healthcare settings, including at the point of care.

Maintenance Free Design and Lower Cost of Ownership

Unlike other digitizers that require biannual calibration or cleaning, VIDAR digitizers need no maintenance or calibration, saving nearly $2,000 annually. The straight-line film path reduces the need for costly service calls ($500 or more each) due to film jams. Parts replacement, on-site service, shipping, and service costs for factory repairs can reach $4,500 annually for laser digitizers. These substantial cost differences are illustrated by a comparative analysis created by PACS expert Michael Cannavo. An analysis of a three-year total cost of ownership demonstrates that the cost of owning a laser digitizer is significantly more than that of a SIERRA Advantage.

Flexibility of Siting

At just 30 pounds, the SIERRA Advantage is much lighter than other digitizers that weigh 50-200 pounds. This light weight, combined with its small size — about that of a one-panel light box — makes the wall-mountable SIERRA Advantage ideal for crowded radiology offices and hospitals, where space often is at a premium. It also means that the SIERRA Advantage can be deployed in a number of other settings where quick access to high-quality electronic images would enhance patient care, such as the emergency department, intensive care and coronary care units, as well as at teaching hospitals, imaging centers and alternate care settings.

Clinically Proven Image Quality

The SIERRA Advantage continues VIDAR’s tradition of exceptional image quality. A Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology study comparing the SIERRA Advantage and the Kodak LS75 laser digitizer demonstrated that there is no difference in image quality and radiologists’ preference between radiographs digitized on the two systems. In addition, a ROC (Receiver Operator Characteristic) study conducted at Johns Hopkins University concluded there was no difference in a radiologist’s ability to make a correct diagnosis when reading the original films or the SIERRA Advantage digitized images on a high- resolution workstation.

The SIERRA Advantage is supported by VIDAR’s excellent customer service. It also delivers unmatched stability, consistency, and ease of use. With no additional burden on their staff, radiologists can be confident that the digitized image is faithful to the hard-copy film, and that their diagnoses are based on accurate, complete information. SIERRA Advantage — combining unmatched image quality, superior reliability, compact size, and low total cost of ownership — results in the most economical ACR-compliant film digitizer on the market.



Pixels (14”x17” film) 1050 x 1275
Spot Size (um) 339
DPI 75
Line pairs Per mm 1.5
Digitizing Speed 15 Seconds


Pixels (14”x17” film) 2100 x 2550
Spot Size (um) 169
DPI 150
Line pairs Per mm 3.0
Digitizing Speed 30 Seconds

*ACR Standard for Teleradiology Guidelines [Revision 35 (1998)] recommends 2.5 line pairs/mm minimum


Pixels (14”x17” film) 4200 x 5100
Spot Size (um) 85
DPI 300
Line pairs Per mm 5.8
Digitizing Speed 61 Seconds


Clinical Optical Density Range .02 to 3.6
Bit Depth 16-bit mapped to 12-bit (4096) and 8-bit (256) grayscale output
MTBF >35,000 hours
Film Sizes Width: 7“ to 14” (17.8 cm to 35.6 cm)
Length: 7” to 17” (17.8 cm to 43.2 cm) up to 51” (130 cm) can be accommodated in single film mode
Thickness: 0.006” to 0.008 (0.15 mm to 0.51 mm)
Film Feeder Single sheet standard; 10-sheet feeder optional
“Light Box” loading: head-up, normal reading, left justified
Film sizes up to 14” x 17” (35.6 cm x 43.2 cm)
Translation Tables Linear OD
Geometric Accuracy Better than 1% or 2 pixels, whichever is greater, in both axes
Hardware Interface USB 2.0
Software Windows® scanning modules and software development tools available
Power Requirements Voltage: 100~240 Vac
Frequency: 50~60 Hz
Power: <48 Watts
Operating Environment 60º to 85º F (15º to 30º C), 20% to 85% relative humidity, non-condensing
Storage Environment 5º to 140º F (-15º to 60º C), 20% to 85% relative humidity, non-condensing
Illuminator LED Illuminator
Detector Solid-state, next-generation High Definition CCD (HD-CCD®)
Dimensions Footprint: 19” W x 13.30” D (48.26 cm x 33.78 cm)
Overall: 19” W x 13.30 D” x 37.65” H (48.26 cm x 33.78 cm x 95.63cm)
Shipping: 27” W x 18.5” L x 27.38” H (68.6 cm x 6.99 cm x 69.47 cm)
Weight *21.5 lbs. (9.75 kg); shipping weight: 48 lbs. (20.52 kg)

Specifications are subject to change without notice
*Scanner only. With exit tray/stand/feeder = 30 lbs.


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