Small Animal Veterinarian Ultrasound Imaging Program (4 weeks + optional 5th week)

DVM Imaging Program - Veterinary Technician Training

This program is designed to meet the growing demand for veterinarians to become competent in the acquisition, measurement, interpretation, and reporting of diagnostic soft tissue and cardiac ultrasound exams. The course will prepare veterinarians to acquire and measure the standard images necessary for diagnostic cardiac and soft tissue ultrasound. They will know how to systematically interpret studies and prepare a comprehensive report. Veterinarians who successfully complete this program will be able to immediately incorporate diagnostic ultrasound imaging into their veterinary practice. To complete this program veterinarians must have access to a digital ultrasound machine with color and spectral Doppler capability as well as be able to save and export still images and cine loops in DICOM format. This four-week program is comprised of four one-week sessions spanning 12 months.

Following successful completion of both the echocardiograph and soft tissue and cardiac components of this program, attendees will receive a Small Animal Veterinarian Soft Tissue Ultrasound Imaging Certificate of Completion and a Small Animal Veterinarian Echocardiographic Imaging Certificate of Completion respectively. Attendance alone will not result in certificates. Veterinarians will receive 35 hours of RACE approved CE for each week completed.