Small Animal X Ray Products

Image quality, speed, efficiency, integration, repeatability, image distribution, advanced equipment, and value. Whatever your needs, Sound® has a digital radiography solution that is a perfect fit to help your vet dr practice excel.

Sound SMART DR™ Digital Radiography
Incorporating the wisdom gained from thousands of systems, tens of thousands of users.
Sound SMART DR™ »
Sound TruDR cSeries Digital Radiography
The proven reliability of Canon Digital Radiography brought to you by Sound®.
TruDR cSeries »
OEC 9800 Plus
Classic is something of lasting worth with a timeless quality.
OEC 9800 Plus »
Fuji Prima-T2 Digital Radiography
Extremely fast processing in a compact body streamlines diagnosis.
Fuji Prima-T2 »
CR 15-X: Versatile, cost effective, user-adjustable Computed Radiography.
AGFA CR 15-X »

Equine X-Ray Products

Portability, plate size, simplicity, speed, image distribution… Sound® has the perfect equine digital radiography equipment and imaging solution for your vet practice (and your horse!)

NEXT Equine DR
NEXT Equine DR has evolved the imaging experience.
NEXT™ Equine DR »
Sprint AIR® Ultralight DR Digital Radiography
SPRINT AIR® Ultralight DR is designed to take the weight off your shoulders and support the daily challenges of your mobile equine veterinary practice.
Equine Radiographic Positioning Guide
The Ultimate Equine Radiography Positioning Guide Download to your Phone or Computer FREE.
Equine Radiographic Positioning Guide »

Dental X-Ray Products

State of the art image quality with superior support and service. Serving veterinarians since 1988. Partner with the Global Veterinary Imaging Leader for custom solutions in your practice

Dentalaire DTX Imaging Systems
Features: Embedded High speed USB 2.0 interface for direct connection to the PC.
Corix® Pro 70
The long reach scissors arm moves effortlessly through a wise area, yet folds compactly when not in use. Ease of positioning and drift free stability.
Dentalaire Technical Support
A great product is one thing, but without exceptional support and service the product is worthless.



Ultrasound Products

Image quality and workflow; perfectly aligned, and optimally designed. From the world leader in veterinary ultrasound technologies, the General Electric Logiq and Vivid ultrasound lines bring the right solution for diagnostic ultrasonography to every vet application and user.

Simple. Fast. Precise.
LOGIQ™ F6 Vet »
The GE LOGIQ e Vet Ultrasound System
High-resolution, versatility, and precision tools in a compact profile
LOGIQ™ e Vet »
The GE LOGIQ P6 Ultrasound System
The LOGIQ™ P6. Performance and versatility, ideal across multiple clinical settings.
LOGIQ™ P6 Vet »
The GE LOGIQ S7 Vet Ultrasound System
From the start, the LOGIQ® S7 has been designed for the needs of a variety of environments.
LOGIQ® S7 Vet with XDclear™ »
The GE LOGIQ e Vet NextGEN
The LOGIQ e Vet NextGEN stands alone.
LOGIQ™ e Vet NextGEN »
The GE LOGIQ S8 Vet Ultrasound System
The LOGIQ® S8 has bween enhanced with XDclear imaging architecture and probe technology.
LOGIQ® S8 Vet with XDclear™ »
The GE Vivid i/q Vet Ultrasound System
Vivid i/q Vet offers the latest advancements in portable Echocardiography.
Vivid i/q Vet »
The Vivid E90-E95 Vet Ultrasound System
Vivid™ E90-E95 take ultrasound to a whole new level
Vivid E90-E95 »
GE LOGIQ E9 XDclear 2.0 Ultrasound System
Complete Ultrasound. Our best just got better
LOGIQ™ E9 XDclear 2.0 »
LOGIQ V Equine Ultrasound System
A new compact ultrasound system designed to deliver Simple, Fast and Precise imaging performance.
LOGIQ® V Equine »
LOGIQ V2 Vet Ultrasound System
GE’s new Vision series comes to life for veterinary use in the LOGIQ™ V2 Vet.
LOGIQ™ V2 Vet »
LOGIQ V5 Vet Ultrasound System
Versatility and diagnostic confidence go hand in hand
LOGIQ™ V5 Vet »
Vivid iq Vet Ultrasound System
Portable. Powerful. In Touch. The new generation of the one that started it all.
Vivid™ iq Vet »

Laser Therapy Products

The self-training laser
doctorVet »
Renegerative Laser with an IQ
Sound® brings the ground-breaking RLT Vet Regenerative Laser Therapy to equine medicine
RLT-Vet »
Think Laser Therapy
What Conditions Can Veterinarians Treat with Class IV Laser Therapy?
Think Laser Therapy »
Laser Therapy Implementation
How to Implement Laser Therapy in Your Veterinary Practice
Implement Laser Therapy »
Benefits of Investing in Laser Therapy
4 Benefits of Investing in a Veterinary Laser Therapy System
Benefits of Investing in Laser Therapy »


High quality images from a dependable, flexible C-arm


Sound Animage Fidex - CT, DR, and Fluoroscopy
CT, DR, and Fluoroscopy - All In One Machine
Animage Fidex »
BodyTom® - portable CT scanner
Portable full body 32-slice CT scanner
BodyTom® »
CereTom® - portable CT scanner
Portable CT scanner
CereTom® »


Hallmarq PetVet MRI System
New high field MRI technology designed specifically for veterinarians
Hallmarq PetVet MRI »

Radiation Therapy Products

Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy System
Leading-edge technology that utilizes a proprietary miniaturized X-ray source.
Axxent »