Hallmarq PetVet MRI

Hallmarq PetVet MRI

New High Field MRI Technology

Designed Specifically for Veterinarians

In response to the needs of veterinary practices around the world, Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging has developed an affordable, high-field (1.5 Tesla) MRI system that is designed specifically for use in companion animals.

Dual Coil Gives Vets a Clearer Picture

PetVet is the first veterinary MRI system that can use two RF receive coils instead of one. This improves image quality and allows vets to investigate challenging anatomical areas more easily. 3D printing, which works by adding layers of material to create the component, was used to manufacture some of the parts of the new two-coil system. Hallmarq’s PetVet MRI systems are specifically designed for imaging companion animals.

"It’s wonderful that an MRI company is focused on high-field MRI for the veterinary industry. Using coils and sequences which are designed for my patients not only makes my job easier but also provides exceptional images. And I particularly like the fact that the PetVet MRI can run two coils simultaneously."

Sonia Añor DVM, PhD, Dip EVCN, Dip ACVIM (Neurology)


Low Total Cost of Ownership

Because of the groundbreaking design, PetVet can cost significantly less than other high-field systems.

  • On-board RF shield eliminates the cost of a shielded room and simplifies installation
  • Zero boil-off cold head means that there are no routine helium refills
  • The PetVet uses significantly less power than a typical human system

Combine these cost efficiencies with Hallmarq’s proven online maintenance and support and the total cost of ownership can be significantly less than other high-field systems.

Unparalleled Service and Dedication to the Veterinary Profession

Dogs and cats are not people, but most MRI suppliers expect veterinarians to adapt to a scanner designed for humans. That’s why the Hallmarq MRI scientists are solely dedicated to making sure that its MRI machines meet the needs of veterinarians and their patients. With our veterinary specific coils, unique design features and world class support team, Hallmarq is the only MRI option designed solely for the veterinarian.

Every veterinary clinic receives continuous online and live support on a state-of-the-art technology platform. Hallmarq also includes free software upgrades as a part of its support package.

"Up to 50% of the neurology cases that we see are emergencies. Before the PetVet was installed, we had to rely on visiting MRI which meant that we couldn’t always scan immediately and might have to hospitalize the patient for several days or send the case elsewhere. Now, we can see the patient straight away and perform a scan the same day."

Harry Scott, BVSc, CertSAD, CBiol, FSB, DSAS(Orth), FRCVS,
CCRP Southern Counties Veterinary Specialists


PetVet Offers Veterinarians Improved Image Collection

Transverse T2W GRE Canine Brain

Sagittal T2W Canine Brain

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Features and Benefits

  • On-board RF shield
    No expensive shielded room needed
  • PAYG financial system/low risk option
    Low total cost of ownership
  • Support from world-class MRI team dedicated to the veterinary profession
    Full-service maintenance & support
  • Veterinary specific design from the coils to the patient bed
    Software & sequences designed for veterinary use
  • Zero boil-off cold head
    No routine helium refills
  • Ability to use 2 coils simultaneously
    Excellent shoulder images