What Does a Veterinary Digital Dental Imaging System Cost?

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The cost for implementing dental radiology is minimal. New dental X-ray machines are available for around $3000. Newer machines, such as the Corix Pro 70 Veterinary Dental X Ray, feature solid-state timer systems, which allow use in a digital system. I would recommend avoiding older human dental X-ray units, as there can be issues with inconsistent exposure times and radiation scatter. An additional $500 gets you a chair side developing tank, film, film clips, and chemistry. The chair side developer (Instaveloper) and chemistry (Insta-neg and Insta-fix) made by Microcopy are my favorite, and are available through Dentalaire. Most practices will be happiest using D-speed X-ray film, which provides high detail and is more forgiving of errors in exposure and processing.