LOGIQ® V Equine

LOGIQ® V Equine

Console Performance
in a Durable Portable

GE’s new Vision series comes to life for veterinary use in the LOGIQ V Equine. A new compact ultrasound system designed to deliver Simple, Fast and Precise imaging performance.


With its compact design featuring a large 15” LCD display and standard battery back-up, the LOGIQ V Equine fits into small spaces and is ready for big demands.

  • New Intuitive user interface.
  • Onboard Help with interactive access to tutorials on settings, operation, connectivity and the user manual.
  • Scanning modes include: B-Mode, M-Mode and Pulsed Wave Doppler (color or power Doppler not available).


A group of innovative technologies help equine specialists obtain diagnosis’ fast.

  • CrossXBeam™ Enhances the ability to visualize tissue interfaces and differentiate borders.
  • SRI-HD Speckle Reduction Imaging reduces noise for enhanced tissue detail.
  • Coded Harmonic imaging improves resolution at depths for a confident diagnosis.
  • Customized equine imaging presets for quick image optimization


A set of purchasable software options support additional equine specialist needs.

  • LOGIQ View gives you representation of long anatomical structures that might not be seen in a single image.
  • Needle Recognition: The LOGIQ V Equine uses two modes of ultrasound to optimize ultrasound-guided procedures; one optimized for tissue and one for metal.
  • Auto Optimization Optimizes B-Mode images to help improve contrast resolution at the touch of a button.

The system purchase includes a one-year standard GE Healthcare warranty.

Precision Tools Deliver Confidence

The LOGIQ V Equine incorporates compound imaging tools that deliver crisp, clear images to help give you precision and confidence.

TruScan Raw Data Imaging allows a user to add clinical information after an exam is finalized. Adjust and re-measure many exam parameters and controls after the exam today or during follow up exams, years to come.

Articular Processes C4-5

Stifle Medial Meniscus

Superficial and Deep Digital Flexor Tendon at Level; of Proximal Sesamoid Bones

Longitudinal View, Focused on Suspensory Ligament

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  • 15” High-Resolution Monitor
  • CrossXBeam
  • Speckle Reduction (SRI-HD)
  • Coded Harmonic Imaging
  • LOGIQ™ View
  • Needle Recognition Technology
  • Repro Probe
  • DICOM Software
  • 1 Button Auto Optimization
  • TruScan Raw Data Imaging