Ultrasound ROI Cash Flow Calculator

Calculate your Ultrasound Cash Flow!

The GE LOGIQ™ users experience a very significant increase in ultrasound volume, improved image quality and quicker speeds.  More images taken in the same time, with less waiting for your clients, and better resolution leading to better diagnostics - these are only some of the benefits.

Imagine shorter waits to view ultrasounds, blazing fast delivery, happier clients, and increased quality and accuracy.  The GE LOGIQ™ line of veterinary ultrasound equipment can deliver all this, and more. The increase in volume, coupled with an increase in revenue to match the higher value of the scans, can result in higher revenues that greatly exceed the cost of the system!

Better images.  Faster processing.  Happier clients. Can you afford not to invest in GE LOGIQ™ Ultrasound?

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Ultrasound ROI Cash Flow Calculator
# of cases suspected/week % of cases with abnormal labs # of cases for ultrasound
Renal Dysfunction
Pancreatic Disease
Liver Disease
Adrenal Dysfunction
Palpable Masses
Coughing patient
Urinary Tract Dysfunction
Total Ultrasound Exams expected each month
Each Monthly Total
Charge For Ultrasound Exams
% Sent for Specialist Consult
Specialist Consult Charge
Doctor Commission
Cost for Specialist Consult
Monthly Lease/Finance Cost